The Ross Fountain is a marvelous 19th century cast iron monument. The monument was cast in the foundry of Antoine Durenne ‘Maitre de Forges, Sommevoire Haute Marne’ in France and first displayed at the Great Exhibition of 1862. It was purchased by gunmaker Daniel Ross in 1862 and subsequently gifted to the city of Edinburgh. It caused a bit of a stir and Dean Ramsay described it as Grossly indecent and disgusting.

I think it is wonderful. The plan is to keep taking photos at different times of day and during different seasons and collect them here.

At the moment there are some issues with fountain as it is leaking water into the inside. So it is currently not switched on which is a great shame. It is also fenced in with a very unslighytly construction site fence. I hope these issues will get resolved in due course.

Ross Fountain

Ross FountainRoss Fountain
Ross FountainRoss FountainRoss FountainRoss Fountain

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Ross Fountain, detailRoss Fountain