There are some absolutely wonderful Victorian Garden Cemeteries in Edinburgh. Many of these cemeteries are left to their own devices and are wonderfully overgrown and teaming with wild life.

This gallery shows photos from the various cemeteries in Edinburgh, including the Newington, Warriston, Dalry and Dean Cemeteries, Greyfriars Kirkyard and the New and Old Burial Grounds.

winter afternoon angel Ormond Haldane Garland uncovered covered Poland and Scotland Mount Vernon setting sun cemetery sun star stone rose wyvern Greyfriars Greyfriars roundel three graves mother winter sun Beast from the East sea of snowdrops Star angel Newington Angel Greyfriars three crosses Newington Cemetery Sunrise Newington Catacombs Winter Morning Winter Morning Winter Morning sunset cemetery sunset angel autumn sun Greyfriars Face Greyfriars Face Sunrise over Dalkeith Rd Holyrood Park and New Calton Newington Lodge Newington Angel overgrown New Calton Burial Grounds Angel Warriston Cemetery Cross Greyfriars snowdrops in the cemetery fallen angel Newington Catacombs Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery William Groves risen frosted stone frosted rose morning sun angel George Stewart McLennan Walter Gowanlock illuminated autumn sun gravestone Greyfriars uncovered fungi grave stone at Gogar Thomas Grainger Grave at Gogar grave fallen angel, risen new bench urban layers through space and time fallen angel, risen New Calton Burial Grounds New Calton Burial Grounds doggy fence 1838 group of three Cargill Gilston Knott Frank Percy Restall I learn to care for the unfortunate rust Rev John Cairns James Finlayson Lt Col Aitken Ross Joseph Van Someren Taylor Fallen Angel Restoration Fallen Angel Restoration Fallen Angel Restoration MacMillan Grave of John Howison Grave of Arnaud Massy urban jungle William MacTaggart Grave of  Jean Thomson Harris verdant shadow green heart of the city New Calton Cemetery Watch Tower Liberton Cemetery angel angel Stone Face Stone Face Greyfriars Kirkyard Greyfriars Kirkyard Caw family gravestone Grave of William McTaggart Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery tree shadow Newington Catacombs snowdrops in the cemetery gravestone snowdrops in the frost frosted avenue morning frost winter tree plant and stone up cross angel angel angel Lady with Star Lady with Star autumn sun Morning in Newington Cemetery Craigentinny Marbles Craigentinny Marbles Craigentinny Marbles autumn light autumn chestnut celtic cross lady star urn and flower sun and cross and shadow Newington Cemetery Sign broken chains stairs up the catacombs closed sign posts celtic tree stone flowers up missing door Grave of Rev John Ross Grave of Robert Denholm Greyfriars Stones Greyfriars Stones Greyfriars Stones Greyfriars Stones Greyfriars Churchyard grave stone Greyfriars gravestone Cherry Blossom light and shadow fresh green Newington Cemetery 360 degrees Central Roundel, Newington Cemetery blue carpet Central Roundel, Newington Cemetery leaf and stone tomb, detail three stones Dean Cemetery Dean Cemetery Dean Cemetery Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery column Night Sky misty fence broken chains Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery Newington Cemetery Tree Newington Cemetery angel tomb stone tomb stone in memory in memory snowy angel along the suburban railway snowy gravestone Newington Cemetery Snow Newington Cemetery Snow East Preston Street Cemetery Tomb of John Bayne of Pitcairlie Jewish Cemetery tomb stone New Calton Burial Ground New Calton Burial Ground New Calton Burial Ground New Calton Burial Ground