Newington Cemetery is one of Edinburgh's garden cemeteries designed by David Cousin in 1846. It was purchased by Edinburgh Council in 1994 and is now used by many people as a local park. Parts of the cemetery are well overgrown and together with the adjacent South Suburban Railway form an important refuge for wildlife.

From our living room we get a view of the majestic trees in the cemetery. Living close by means I regularly visit with my camera to hand. Each season holds different attractions and offers different views.

Newington Cemeteryfrosted stoneangelWinter Morning

The cemetery is most romantic during the bleak winter months. I love how the snow and frost enhance the structures. Black and white images are particularly well suited although there are often few colours to be seen. The cold winter with little light seems to last forever. It is a great relief to see the first snowdrops and crocuses at the end of winter when memories of warmth and sunshine are nearly forgotten.

snowdrops in the cemeterythe flight of the bumble beebluebellsscilla

The snowdrops are the first to arrive followed by crocuses, scilla, bluebells and daffodils. I also quite like the carpets of wild garlic that attract the first bees. As the days grow longer and brighter and it gets warmer other people than dog walkers find their way into the cemetery.

speckled wood (Pararge aegeria)flybuttercups and stone crossafternoon sun

The summer is probably my most favourite season. Visitors enjoy sitting in the sunshine on the paupers' graves by the railway line. The cemetery is buzzing with insect life. During the first year of the pandemic I started recording the different insects I could find in the cemetery. The Northern part of the cemetery becomes an exuberant jungle.

morning sunautumn foliageautumnfungi

Autumn brings another change. The leaves turn red and brown and the shadows grow longer again. Apart from the colours I particularly enjoy taking pictures of the fungi.

There are many interesting grave stones, including some of note. I particularly like the memorial of Ormon Haldane Garland which features the statue of an angel on the central roundel. When I first started visiting the cemetery the angel was face down in the mud. Thanks to a local community grant the Friends of Newington Cemetery were able to have this beautiful statue restored.

resting angelNewington Angelfallen angelNewington Angel

Newington Cemetery is one of Edinburgh's green gems. I do love the romantic overgrown memorials. However, I am particularly fond of looking for insects and other creepy crawlies in the summer. Over the years I have taken many photos in Newington Cemetery. Please visit my flckr page if you would like to see a larger selection.