The Jagsttalhbahn is 39km long narrow gauge railway in the North of Baden Württemberg. It was used to transport sugar beets and fertiliser. They used rollbocks, crazy contraptions, to move standard gauge carriages on the narrow gauge rails.

It was also used for passengers. I remember taking the steam train on various school trips. The line was closed in the late 80ies and in some parts the rails were removed in the late 90ies to make way for a cycle path.

In the early 2000s the tracks and rolling stock was taken over by the Jagsttalbahn AG and the Jagsttalbahnfreunde who plan to restore the tracks and run it as a museum railway.

I found some excellent photos (part I, part II and Schmalspur-Spektakulum) taken in 1979 and 1984 of the Jagsttalbahn in action.

My photos are more recent and document the current state. I would love to see the trains move again. Having said that, the industrial decay is also very interesting photographically. I plan to go back and take more pictures in future.

Bahnhof Bieringen

Old railway tracks and carriages of the Jagsttalbahn in Bieringen
BieringentruckstruckstruckstruckstruckssuspensionsuspensionDSC_9330seatseatingseatingsetting pointsbreak and exitcontrolsrailsabandonedfrosted cobwebsabandonedwheelsBahnhof BieringenWaggonRollbockrosehips and trackBieringenBieringen Bahnhofbroken glass#2controlssetting sunBieringen BahnhofwalveRollbockdoor and nettleshookconnectionfirst class travel?waggonleft or right?point controlparkedsetting the directionWagon, Bieringer Bahnhofcarriagebrakes1st class ?instructions2nd class ?SW EG IISW EG IBieringen, Bahnhofwheels IISchotterwagencarriagewheels Idisused tracksmothballedlost woodpoints

Bahnhof Dörzbach

Lok 22-03controlsSW-EGwheelsrail busengine shed window#24 - to be restoredpoint controlgearscranesuspensioncontrolswhite - redsmoker