This year I had the chance to explore an old house on Bühlhoferstrasse 6, Ingelfingen, Germany.

Bühlhoferstrasse 6key stoneivy window

The house looks onto the yard where I grew up. It has been derelict for at least a decade. Having said that I remember the wee chemist when we first moved to Ingelfingen in the early eighties. There was an old lady who lived in the house. My sister remembers visiting her. Presumably, the house stood empty when she died. The house (and the neighbouring ones) is now scheduled for demolition to make room for new builds.


Over the last few years I was quite keen to visit the house to see what it is like inside. This year my dad asked in the town hall if we could get the keys to the house to have a look and take photos. I went first in February and then again earlier this month.

The house has two parts: where the people used to live above the shop and a big barn. Ingelfingen is a wine growing town. So, presumably the kept agricultural equipment and other stuff in the barn. The barn could be reached from the outside and from each floor of the house.

The Ground Floor


There are also entrances to the (various?) cellar(s). I did not have a torch light with me. I was also a bit dubious about structural integrity. I also did not investigate the old shop. The first floor is reached via some stairs.


The First and Second Floor

Both first and second floor are very similar. The interiour is straight from the fifties. The house was heated with oil ovens.

Ofenseat and ovenP2060176oven

The walls featured some shelves that could be closed off with a wee door. These look like original features of the house. The two kitchens were also quite exciting. It looked like the mice had a good go at demolishing a foam cushion. Vintage white goods!

KücheKücheoven knobsBauknect, fridge door

Many of the wall coverings had gone but not all.

gonethe ancestorsangeldoor bell

The bathroom was just left

Klohot water boilerBad

The Loft

The loft was also quite exciting. Plenty of stuff lying around. There were many wasp nests which interestingly were only on one side of the roof which presumably got most sunlight on thus was nice and warm. The most exciting part was on the barn side. It looks like there used to be a lift that could be used to get things to the higher floor.

neighbouring houseDachbodencabinet
wasps' nestluggageKoffer