Fungi and lichen are fascinating macro subjects with the added benefit that they are not as skittish as insects and unlike flowers they do not move in the wind.

fungi fungi fungi crop of fungi fungi fungi puff ball colony fungi fungi new and old fungi fungi fungi fungi earth star fungi past fungi fungi fungi fungi fungi fungi fungi Fungi spiky nest of spikes puff balls puff balls fungi stinkhorn puff balls fungi fungi fungi fungi fungi fungi fungus munching on the stinker fungi fluttering of fungi star moss lichen fence post fungi fungi, close-up fungi fungus fungus fungi fungi fungi lichen fungus fungus fungus fungi fungi Pilze fungi cluster of fungi cluster of fungi lichen along the wall lots of 'shrooms munched on little group of fungi some fungi micro garden yellow brain fungus fungi fungi fungi Fungus (probably Ramaria sp.) fungus fungi slug and 'shroom fungi fungi fungi row of fungi orange peel fungus fungi fungi mushrooms still standing fungus auricularia Velvet shank (Flammulina velutipes) Porcelain Fungus munched on cluster of muschrooms 3 muschrooms muschroom muschroom 'shroom cladonia Fungi more lichen fantastic lichen fungi Velvet Shank (?) fungi more lichen lichen green and yellow fungi in the Hermitage of Braid bracket fungi concentric rings orange peel fungi fungus and lichen fungal flutter mini fungal world lichen v moss shrooms shrooms shrooms red shrooms (scarlet waxcap) even more shrooms more fungi lichen fungus tasty the slugs got it 'shroom shroom DSC_7847.jpg DSC_0903.jpg DSC_0815.jpg Lichens DSC_0740.jpg DSC_0732.jpg Dwarves PA165473.jpg PA165467.jpg PA165465.jpg PA105386.jpg PA095328.jpg PA095325.jpg PA095324.jpg PA095319.jpg PA095293.jpg PA095288.jpg P8154422.jpg P8154419.jpg P8154418.jpg img_2613.jpg img_2606.jpg