Rothenburg is a wonderful city in the South of Germany. It features a complete medieval townwall and fortification. It is hugely popular with tourists but I think this adds to the buzz. It's a great place to visit and on our must-see list for our annual trips.

St Wolfgang fortification stairs roofs and inhabitants Rothenburg Plönlein Rothenburg merman Plönlein griffin infidelity Jakobskirche Rothenburg merman lion swish Spital Bastion Rothenburg Rothenburg cockoo Meermann Rothenburg garden, house and wall Rothenburg roofs entrance Spitalbastei Spitalbastei Rothenburg town wall and tower view from the top Rothenburg Roofs up the rampart Rothenburg not happy to share thirsty pigeon shiny lion the dragon is getting it gate zur Höll green door Brezeln gate view Rothenburg Über den Dächern von Rothenburg Meermann Meerfrau Straßenkünstler Dudelsackspieler Straße in Rothenburg Brezeln von 1791 Rothenburg