Flowers are great fun to take photos of. The endless variety of shapes and colours provide ample opportunity: close-ups, macros, botanical and artistic shots. This gallery shows my most recent flower photos.

pink Herb Robert wild flowers pink pink lotus lotus pink UFO emmer aloe flower yellow enzian flowers Germer alpine rose flower Germer Germer orchid orchid orchid flowers flowers flower arum seed pods turk's cap rhododendron floral hills verdant sphere red budding unfolding orbital delicate red whites orange cones white floral tongue star purple pink iris blue poppy blue poppy purple blue dandelion stars geranium helianthemum punky Pulsatilla patens nearly ready blooming broom fading tulip purple poppy cherry blossom yellow rhododendron giant rhubarb old blossom new blossom rhododendron end of spring purple bluebells Hawthorn Blossom wood anemone pink roadside beauty thistles fully opened crocus signs of spring yellow and white Newington Snowdrops seeds first snowdrops burr frosted pods flowers flowers RBGE 2017 Great Stinker RBGE 2017 RBGE 2017 RBGE 2017 RBGE 2017 RBGE 2017 RBGE 2017 flower corn flower thistles red purple and yellow poppy orchid horsetail flowers orchid floral star bluebells bluebells in the city ragwort and stone tulip past it yellow bluebells blue star bluebells skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanus) blossom blossom primroses tuilips old, new and very new Campbell's Magnolia magnolia blossom pasqueflower spring bloom Snake's-head Fritillary primroses marigold snowdrops hibiscus the bells orchid in Muttis Garten blue summer meadow LAGA 2016 LAGA 2016 LAGA 2016 LAGA 2016 LAGA 2016 poppy purple and yellow iris stairs and blossom foxglove iris ragwort ragwort and tower block yellow stars chives chives purple pine blossom whitethorn blossom yellow (not so) bluebell rhododendron stars Princes St Garden Spring cowslips Magnolia bluebells spring Snake's Head Fritillary primrose horsetail strobilus spring blossum luminous daffodils crocus crocus snowdrops snowdrops trap white bloom fruit flower grass (?) flowers frosty rose orange fire himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) autumn crocus poppy sunflower heart of the sunflower pink thistle seeds wheel Edelweiss flowers flower mini-parachute violet Germer (Veratrum album) old and new Kaktusblüte sunflower foxgloves